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Queen Yaa Saves the Golden Stool

Queen Yaa Saves the Golden Stool

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A must-have for every child’s library. Loved by children around the world, teaches them responsibility and the importance of preserving our culture.

Queen Yaa Saves the Golden Stool is a fun and inspirational story based on Queen Yaa Asantewaa, the responsible leader of the Ashanti Kingdom. A brave queen who goes the extra mile to protect her people and culture.

This title is part of our popular children’s picture book collection Africa’s Little Kings & Queens. An excellent gift for all occasions, birthdays, Christmas, World Book Day, Black History Month and Kwanzaa.

  • Suitable for ages 3-8 years-old

  • Beautifully illustrated artwork

  • Teaches the importance of kindness and generosity

  • Celebrates black history and culture

  • Perfect for Black History Month

  • Great for story time at home and in school

  • Loved by parents and teachers

Queen Yaa Saves the Golden Stool

In this story, Queen Yaa is blessed with many riches and beautiful things, including a magnificent golden stool. So unique and fascinating, the golden stool attracts visitors from far and wide. Queen Yaa is tasked with the responsibility of looking after the precious possession. But the stool is soon under threat and determined to protect it, Queen Yaa rises up to demonstrate wit and courage.

  • Written by Louisa Olafuyi & Oladele Olafuyi

  • Artwork by Nigerian Illustrators Isabelle Irabor and Tiolu Yoloye

  • Edited by children’s book editor and novelist Krystle Appiah

  • ISBN 978-1-8382795-0-9

Why Kunda Kids Books?

Learn African Culture & History

Our storybooks and other contents are produced to inspire kids to learn about African culture and history in a fun and engaging way 

Develop the Love for Reading 

Get your children reading and encourage a love for reading by giving them an entertaining book about Africa.

Celebrating African Artists

Our books are lovingly written and crafted by African authors and artists to teach all children about African roots and to celebrate them.

Real Life Lessons for Kids

Our stories will inspire your kids to think with courage, act with the heart and live their dreams.

Age & Reading Level

Kunda Kids books are graded into five levels, from phonics to longer stories. Each book features a reading level badge on the front cover so you can easily identify whether a story is suitable.

Level 0: Great for children developing their synthetic phonic skills.

Level 1: Perfect for children who are taking their first steps in reading words and sentences. 

Level 2: Aimed at beginner readers who enjoy simple stories with help.

Level 3: Great for more confident readers who enjoy simple stories with help.

Level 4: Ideal for more independent, fluent readers who are confident with longer stories.


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