Dance to the beat of friendship and fun!

Get ready to dance and sing with Kunda & Friends, the vibrant African music-led animated series about friendship and fun! Join Kunda and his friends Sana, Fela, Ella and Leo as they embark on adventures filled with laughter, music, and heartwarming life lessons. 

About the show

Kunda & Friends is a beautiful new music-led 3D animation for children that takes preschoolers on a fun and adventurous ride with Kunda and his friends.

Each episode is set in a beautiful African landscape, and helps children learn letters, numbers, animal sounds, colours, and more. Kunda & Friends is anchored on friendship and imparts prosocial life lessons, providing parents and educators with an opportunity to teach and play with their children as they watch together.

Meet Kunda

Meet Kunda, the bold 4-year-old explorer with a heart full of fun! With roots in Uganda and Nigeria, Kunda is a super leader who loves to learn and play outside.

He's always eager to discover new things and share exciting adventures with his pals. Friendly and helpful, Kunda's zest for life brings everyone together, making every day a thrilling ride!

  • Fela

    Say hello to Fela, the Nigerian wonder-kid in Kunda and Friends! At just 4 years old, Fela's love for music and math makes him a problem-solving superstar. This clever and creative little champ is always ready to save the day with his smarts. Join Fela and friends for a rhythm-filled adventure packed with brainy fun!

  • Sana

    Meet Sana, the shining star of Kunda and Friends! With her vibrant Indian heritage, Sana's love for space and creative arts sparks the most exciting adventures. Her infectious personality lights up the world around her, and you can always trust Sana for an inspiring idea and a dazzling outfit to match.

  • Leo

    Leo is a gentle and kind-hearted lion who loves to show his friends love and protection. Leo has a heart-shaped patch on his chest, which is a reflection of his caring nature and team-leader spirit.

  • Ella

    Ella is a fun-loving elephant who entertains her friends with playful antics and wicked dance moves! Her playful nature and outgoing personality always brings joy and lots of laughter.

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