The Kunda Kids Mobile App

The Kunda Kids App features an exciting library of entertaining and educational children's stories, plus animations designed so that children can learn essential words and phrases in a range of African languages, including Kiswahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Wolof, Luganda and Twi.

The app provides teachers and parents with an invaluable tool for introducing multiple languages, fostering early language skills and broadening children's global perspective from an early age.

Your Family's New Reading Adventure!

The Kunda Kids App is more than just a reading tool; it's a gateway to creating lasting memories and building strong literacy foundations.

Download and become a part of your child's exciting literacy journey, where every story read is a step towards a brighter, more informed future.

  • Insights for Grown-Ups

    Stay connected with your child's reading journey. Our app provides updates on what your children are reading, offering insights into their preferences and progress.

  • Interactive Quizzes

    Challenge young minds and foster a love for learning. These engaging quizzes complement each story, enhancing comprehension and retention.

  • Read to Me Option:

    Ideal for busy parents or bedtime stories, this feature narrates tales in soothing, expressive voices, making reading accessible and enjoyable for all ages.