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Kunda Kids was founded in 2020 by husband and wife, Oladele and Louisa Olafuyi during the Covid-19 lockdown. The couple, who were new parents, wanted to see more children's content that celebrates African culture, so they started to create their own, under the name Kunda Kids.

Kunda Kids is now one of the leading providers of African children's edutainment for the classroom, at home and on the go. A diverse team of over 20 writers, artists, developers and researchers all working together to improve the diversity of children's content in a fun way.

The Kunda Kids App

The Kunda Kids App is a FREE educational learning app for ages 3-10 years.

Fun storybooks, audiobooks, animated stories, songs, and African languages, including Yoruba, Kiswahili, Twi, Luganda, Igbo, and more.

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Award-Winning Books

Kunda Kids children's books have fun, creative, inspiring lead characters from the African diaspora.

Our stories improve the under-representation of African and Afro-Caribbean children in mainstream children's literature, a real and longstanding issue that is present even across African countries.

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We partner with local authorities and businesses to improve children's access to books, especially those from disadvantaged communities. Get in touch if you would like to partner or collaborate on events such as Black History Month, World Book Day and Children's Day.

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