Culturally Rich Preschool Animations

Kunda Kids creates captivating children's animations, including the beloved preschool favourite, Kunda & Friends, produced in Uganda with the talented team at Creatures Animation Studio.

Our animations blend education, entertainment and cultural diversity tailored for preschoolers. We aim to foster curiosity, empathy and confidence in young minds through engaging songs, immersive episodes and interactive activity guides.

  • "Feel-good screen time"

    "When my children watch Kunda & Friends, they're having fun and learning along the way. We all enjoy dancing to the afrobeat nursery rhymes whilst getting ready for school" (@ariandkami, UK)

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  • "Fun for the whole family"

    "We went as a family to the Kunda & Friends premiere in Lagos and had the best time! It's the first time i'll see adults and kids dancing in a cinema. An unforgettable experience!" (@kidspathway, Finland)

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  • "We love "I LOVE MYSELF"

    "My triplets created a routine for the I l LOVE MYSELF dance challenge. It was great to see them inspired by positive songs full of confidence building affirmations" (@starlizdancer22, Nigeria)

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  • Meet Kunda ⚽️

    Meet Kunda, the confident and adventurous 4-year-old of mixed Ugandan and Nigerian heritage. Kunda embraces friendship and fun with his love for playtime!

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  • Thandi 🎵

    Thandi, who is of South African and American heritage, is known for her love of music and dance. This energetic 5-year-old brings joy and energy wherever she goes!

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  • Fela 🔢

    Say hello to Fela, the Nigerian wonder-kid in Kunda & Friends. At just 4 years of age, Fela's love of patterns and mathematics makes him an admirable problem-solving superstar!

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  • Sana 🪐

    Meet Sana, the shining star of Kunda & Friends. With her vibrant North African and Indian heritage, Sana's love for space and creative arts sparks the most exciting adventures!

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  • Ella 🌸

    Ella is a fun-loving elephant who entertains her friends with playful antics and wicked dance moves. Her personality always brings joy and lots of laughter!

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  • Leo ❤️

    Leo, a gentle and kind-hearted lion, radiates love and protection to those around him. The heart-shaped patch on his chest symbolises his caring nature!

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  • Printable Activity Book

    This activity book enriches each episode of Kunda & Friends with engaging activities suitable for both home and classroom environments.

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  • Character Wallpapers

    Featuring a vibrant collection of your favourite characters, these wallpapers are designed to add a touch of personality and fun to your devices.

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  • Character Posters

    Brighten up classrooms, bedrooms and play areas with our vibrant Kunda & Friends printable posters, featuring your favourite characters.

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