Lagos Welcomes Kunda & Friends: A Leap Forward in Early Years Education and Fun

Lagos Welcomes Kunda & Friends: A Leap Forward in Early Years Education and Fun

In a momentous celebration of culture, education and entertainment, Kunda & Friends was launched in spectacular fashion on Sunday 10 December 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria. The vibrant launch, meticulously curated by Kunda Kids, marked a significant step towards reshaping early years education in Nigeria, a nation with a vast population where awareness about the pivotal role of early childhood experiences remains limited.



Fuelled by the desire to bridge this gap, Kunda & Friends was born, a 3D children's animation series designed to bring wholesome content to YouTube Kids. Recognising the platform's global popularity among families, Kunda Kids identified a glaring need for high-quality shows celebrating African culture and heritage for children under 5.



Following the resounding success of its premieres in London, England (May) and Nairobi, Kenya (September), Kunda & Friends took center stage in Lagos. The launch, tailored for parents and their preschool-aged children, was a thoughtfully orchestrated experience.




The event featured four fully booked cinema screenings that brought families together, with children and adults alike dancing in their seats. Beyond the screenings, the festivities included face-painting, engaging games and an opportunity to explore Kunda Kids' remarkable collection of children's books.




“Kunda & Friends is poised to redefine preschool learning and entertainment for every child. We have a series of impactful launch events taking place all over the world this year; this is just the beginning,” says Oladele Olafuyi, Co-Founder and CEO of Kunda Kids.


As always, stay tuned!



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