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Kunda Kids

Kunda Kids App Annual Subscription

Kunda Kids App Annual Subscription

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Welcome to Kunda Kids App – where learning meets fun. For just £14.99 a year, unlock the gateway to a treasure trove of knowledge, and entertainment designed specifically for curious young minds.

Why Choose Kunda Kids?

  • Educational and Engaging: The Kunda Kids app is expertly crafted to blend education with entertainment, ensuring your child have fun while learning. From interactive storybooks to engaging audiobooks, every aspect is designed to stimulate thinking, creativity, and a love for learning.

  • Culturally Rich Content: Celebrate diversity with content that respects and represents a wide array of cultures. We're committed to nurturing global awareness and understanding in children through our inclusive and culturally rich stories and activities.

  • Safe and Ad-Free Environment: Your child’s safety is our priority. Enjoy peace of mind with a completely ad-free environment, ensuring a safe and uninterrupted experience for your little ones.

  • Regular Updates: With an annual subscription, gain access to all our latest updates, new stories, games, and educational tools. We're continually expanding our library to provide fresh and exciting content all year round.

  • Accessible Anywhere: Whether at home or on the go, Kunda Kids is the perfect companion for your child. Our app is compatible with multiple devices, offering a seamless and flexible learning experience.

  • Parental Insights: Stay informed about your child’s progress and interests with regular updates and insights, helping you to support their educational journey.

What's Included in Your Annual Subscription?

  • Unlimited access to all current and future content
  • Ad-free, safe, and secure user experience
  • Regular content updates including new storybooks, audiobooks, and language videos

Invest in Your Child's Future Today! Join the Kunda Kids family and give your child the gift of knowledge and joy. Subscribe now and be a part of their exciting learning adventure!

Available on Google Playstore and Apple Store 

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Got the Kunda Kids App?

The Kunda Kids App features a wealth of children's stories, audiobooks and and African language learning animations. Inspire the next generation with our fun characters and exciting adventures.