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    Award-winning children's books that spark young imaginations. Our stories blend fun narratives with curriculum-based learning and are loved by parents and educators around the world.

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    The popular children's app features interactive stories, quizzes, and African languages designed to promote literacy, nurture curiosity, and build confidence at home, in the classroom and on the go!

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    Created with Disney Director Ray Malinga, Kunda & Friends is the viral 3D preschool animation series featuring the vibrant music-led adventures of 4-year-old Kunda and his friends.

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We are Kunda Kids!

Stories for Young Global Citizens

Kunda Kids is an award-winning children's EdTech and media company. Our mission is to enliven early learning with fun stories that foster literacy, bolster self-esteem and celebrate Africa's rich history and diverse culture. Loved by parents, teachers and over 300 schools and libraries worldwide, our stories ignite curiosity, build confidence and celebrate culture for the next generation of global citizens.

Popular Children's Books

Best-Selling Children's Picture Books for ages 3-10 years.

New Release: Jo-Jo and the Rain 🌦️ 🇯🇲

Jo-Jo and the Rain is an enchanting picture book for 3-8 year-olds, set in Jamaica and exploring themes of intuition, nature, and unity. Perfect for young readers, it offers a journey of wonder and discovery, ideal for libraries and schools.

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Save up to 50% on our bundles featuring your favourite stories and activity books.

  • Culturally Rich

    Kunda Kids shines a spotlight on African and Afro-Caribbean culture and heritage, nurturing a deep sense of pride and identity in our young readers.

  • Expertly Designed

    Our resources are thoughtfully crafted by teachers, early childhood educators to support the holistic learning and wellness for children.

  • Globally Acclaimed

    oved by parents and educators in over 300 schools and libraries around the world. Our mission is to raise the next generation of global citizens.

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