Kunda Kids Sparks Creativity at Top UK Bank's 'Bring Your Child To Work Day'

Kunda Kids Sparks Creativity at Top UK Bank's 'Bring Your Child To Work Day'

Canary Wharf was abuzz with laughter and creativity on the afternoon of Thursday 26 October, as Kunda Kids conducted three storytelling workshops during a 'Bring Your Child To Work Day' event at the London offices of a well-known bank. For one day only, the special event, held in collaboration with the bank's Black Professionals Resource Group, turned the financial district into a haven for young imaginations.

 Each workshop was a unique blend of interactive storytelling and creative activities. In Session 1, inspired by Queen Kitami Makes Friends, the children crafted friendship bracelets. Session 2 saw another cohort decorate umbrellas, inspired by Jo-Jo and the Rain. In Session 3, inspired by Queen Moremi Makes a Promise, the children took part in a scintillating torch-decorating exercise.


 It was truly a fun and wholesome occasion for all, and even the toddlers, not ones to be left out, put their artistic skills to work using Kunda Kids’ African Heroes Colouring Book

Altogether, 120 lively young souls immersed themselves in a world of creativity and had a whale of a time!



The icing on the cake was each child getting to leave with complimentary books from the Kunda Kids collection, courtesy of the bank. Parents were also given guides for educational use at home and in the classroom, ensuring the impact of the event extended beyond the day.



Feedback from the event was exceptional, with the parents and their colleagues expressing gratitude for the unique and enriching experience, and the children eagerly inquiring about when the next workshop was! 


We extend our sincere thanks to the Black Professionals Resource Group, particularly Ayo Windapo (Deputy Co-Chair) and Audrey Adams (Co-Chair), for both the invitation and their stellar support of Kunda Kids. Indeed, it proved to be a memorable day where education met imagination!



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