Kunda Kids Kickstarts Mission to Bring Books to Every Child with Extensive Library Engagements

Kunda Kids Kickstarts Mission to Bring Books to Every Child with Extensive Library Engagements

At the heart of Kunda Kids is an unwavering devotion to ensuring that every child, regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances, has access to high-quality children’s books. Recognising the financial strain faced by many families amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis, we are committed to addressing the stark reality that many children simply lack the means and opportunity to indulge in the joy of reading.


Likewise, Kunda Kids sees libraries as vital conduits that connect children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to the beauty of books. That is why we are intentional about working closely with these essential community resources to make our books accessible to all.



Recent research published by the National Literacy Trust revealed that 56% of children do not enjoy reading for fun. This prompted Kunda Kids to respond with proactive determination, anchored in our unwavering dedication to maintaining a solution-focused mindset. As such, in the past three months, the team has actively engaged with more than 50 libraries across the UK, with exciting plans on the horizon for 2024.


Furthermore, in a bid to foster literacy skills and celebrate Black History Month, we collaborated with several libraries in London and the South East – many of which are situated in economically disadvantaged areas - to deliver a range of fun (and free!) events and activities for children.



On Monday 9 October, an interactive reading session took place at Battersea Park Library, featuring 'A is for Africa' and 'Astronauts to the Moon', both of which went down a storm with an intimate gathering of parents and children. 



Subsequent visits to Barking Learning Centre and Dagenham Library on Saturday 14 October offered not only enthralling readings of Kunda Kids' bestsellers but also creative workshops cultivating vital soft skills like self-confidence and teamwork. 




Embracing the concept of 'learning through play', Kunda Kids transported over 20 toddlers on an imaginative journey through space at Swiss Cottage Library on Saturday 21 October, complete with space-themed educational play sessions.



Similarly, on Wednesday 25 October at Wallington Library, the team conducted two thrilling space-themed workshops, during which families had a blast (literally!) building spaceships together.


Moving into 2024, the pages of Kunda Kids' story continue to unfold, promising even more exciting chapters in the pursuit of making transformational books and vibrant literary experiences accessible to every child.

If you would like to have a conversation about how Kunda Kids can work with your local library or explore partnership opportunities for donating books to communities in need, please get in touch!
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