Resources for Kids

Resources for Kids

Kunda Kids has plenty of early learning animations and printable activity books for curious and creative kids. This page aims to provide parents and careers with a quick way of exploring our children's content. 

Kunda Kids YouTube Channel 

The Kunda Kids YouTube Channel is a great place to watch our animations, book trailers and listen to our children's songs with an African twist! Subscribe to the Kunda Kids channel and bookmark your favourite playlists and videos all in one place.

Download the Kunda Kids App for Free

The Kunda Kids app makes learning fun and simple for children! Get unlimited access to our library of storybooks, audiobooks, animated stories, songs and African languages including Yoruba, Swahili, Twi, Luganda and more. 

Diverse Characters and African Focus

Kunda Kids children's books have fun, creative, inspiring lead characters from the African diaspora. Our stories improve the under-representation of black children in mainstream children's literature, a real and longstanding issue that is present even across African countries. Our stories are created in collaboration with parents, teachers and child psychologists from various backgrounds.


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